C-P-R - Car Paint Restorer

Shield your car with...

Cutting corners is not the answer, finding natural solutions is.
— Dylan W. (Founder)

Our Promise

Here at C-P-R we promise to keep bringing natural products for every car enthusiast needs, without having to lose quality performance. We strive to find quality ingredients from around the globe to keep new, and natural products available to the car care market.

Our Story

Having over 20 years being surrounded in the vehicle care market, C-P-R was born to provide quality natural waxes, compounds. C-P-R's aspirations are to keep our customer safe, as well your vehicles. No more having to wear gloves to wax, or clean your vehicles.


C-P-R is family owned and operated out of Central Coast, California. Our family owns and runs our facility 24hrs a day. With multiple quality controls, checkpoints, and every product leaves with care in mind.